Vector Parkour


What is Parkour? And what does Vector got to do with it? Vector Parkour is quite different from parkour in real life for the sole reason that it’s impossible to attempt the protagonist’s stunts unless you are a demigod in disguise. Parkour in real life consists of vaulting over not-so-high walls, twisting over handlebars near staircases, leaping over obstacles. While it is a dangerous outdoor activity, it is also fun. For most of us who do not even dare jump down ledges, we don’t advise you do this in real life. But Vector Parkour, the game, on the other hand…

Vector Parkour

The game is brimming with exciting moments.

Your pursuer creates an inherent and constant sense of danger as you move through a stage.

Leaping off high-rises into the air as doves dart out of your way like in a scene from a John Woo film, all to the rhythm of a pulse-pounding soundtrack!

Earn rewards by performing tricks. Hitting an action key at the wrong time yields dire consequences.

Mistiming can cause a momentary disruption in pace, forcing you to stumble and slow down as you struggle to regain footing, allowing your burly pursuer the opportunity to close the gap.

As the hunter draws near, the camera zooms in, and deadly electricity arcs from his gauntlets, vigorously increasing the tension. In these moments, the game demands all of your focus, because one false move means the end of your shirtless dash to freedom. You get a rush of relief and satisfaction upon reaching the goal when death is so near, and seeing the exasperation on the hunter’s face as the door that seals your safety slams down makes your victory all the sweeter. Your performance in a stage is rewarded in stars.

Surviving until the end earns you one star, but to gather all three, you must perform every trick in the stage. Oh yes, and collect all the floating bonus cubes scattered across the level. Stars and the occasional coin grant in-game currency you can exchange for tricks, which can be purchased just before the level starts.

Useful In-game purchase

Also available for purchase in the in-game store is the force blaster, which temporarily stops the hunter. This will give you some much-needed breathing room. But even with the weapon, you still need to maneuver through the stage with expert precision in order to nab that three-star rating. One major slip up, and it’s back to the start minus one potentially life-saving item. You can also buy clothing items such as a hat or a scarf if you’re into accessorizing.

Later stages branch out into multiple paths. While all given paths eventually lead you to safety, only one includes every trick and bonus. Practice and exploration are highly encouraged, and it may take multiple replays to discover and master the best route.

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