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Vector Updates are available here! Explore the latest news and updates on Vector and Vector 2!


Vector Updates on Vector 2


First up: Guess what, guys? Vector 2 is here! Download the game via Google Play Store today! Russian game studio NEKKI released the game on the 4th of October 2016.

What’s expected to be in Vector 2? Lots of exciting new content, story development, awesomely cool graphics and a ton of new backgrounds! There are also new traps and equipment! You can watch the Vector 2 promotional video on their Facebook page to catch a glimpse of what’s to come! They’ve got lots of funny real-life parkour stuff on their Facebook page as well.


Is Vector 2 different from Vector?

Good question! Without releasing any spoilers for Vector… yes, it’s different. The ending of Vector will be continuously linked to Vector 2’s storyline. More Vector updates about the storyline are available on NEKKI’s website. There are lots of similarities between the old versus the new Vector. Wall Jumps are a hot favorite, so the team at NEKKI will not be removing them from the game.


What about the Clone in the Vector game? The Clone will be part of an exciting story development in Vector 2. Download the game and find out more! Read more about how to win in Vector on our Guide Page, or Cheats and Hacks page.