Vector Review | Vector Gameplay

We’ve prepared a 3rd party Vector review for some interesting insights about the game. If you’ve been contemplating downloading this game but are unsure, read on!


Vector Review Gameplay


Vector is a classic freestyle arcade-type game, where the character runs from left to right across the screen. The character is given points for stylistic moves as he dodges obstacles and makes progress through each level. The game is primarily based on parkour moves. The character is continually challenged by different physical scenarios, in which he must overcome to move on in the game. He is hunted or pursued by another, and the goal of the game is to get to a safe zone where the pursuer is unable to reach the character.

The character is rewarded a particular amount of stars depending on how well each level is completed. Keep in mind that specific tasks have to be completed for each level too. Even though there are multiple paths in which the character is able to arrive at a safe time, one particular path includes all tricks and bonuses.


Vector Parkour Moves


In general, this game exploits the new art form of parkour, as the ninja-like moves the character executes. They are necessary for one to be successful in Vector. In total, there are twenty levels that the character must defeat in order to beat the game; however, in the deluxe version, there are twice as many.


Scoring Vector


Most Vector review writers give the game at least 3 out of 5 stars, and the average seems to be around 3.5 stars. The stars that the character collects during gameplay are used to unlock different sections and different levels of the game, and many reviewers suggest that this is one of the most difficult parts of the game.

This truly does tend to slow down the game and might be considered frustrating for many players. This shouldn’t be a deterrent in the game. However, repeating certain levels a few times shouldn’t be a big deal since the game is so fast-paced.

There are also bonus cubes that float around the level which also allows players to unlock other items for their character, including different weapons and different types of clothing for the character during gameplay.


Vector in Culture


From a cultural sense, this game serves as a commentary on the concept of Big Brother. It hints at the government’s capability in watching its citizens. The character’s job is to escape the all-seeing eye. The character has to escape the government’s watchful eye. He has to work hard for his own freedom from a regime that wants to record his every move.

In conclusion, this game goes by quickly, is exciting, and connects well to the zeitgeist of the times. It incorporates the very real and very hip activity of parkour well. The characters are also shadowed and are basically silhouettes, so the element of mystery adds to the intrigue of Vector. The levels get incrementally challenging as the game progresses, but not so much that the player would lose interest in it.

It is beatable in several hours, but not so easy that the game becomes boring, which is aided particularly by the fact that the levels are very short and very fast.