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We’ve got some Vector cheats and Vector hacks available here. We do not advise the player to download any software that claims to have the cheat or hack coding to be inserted into your computer or device.


Cheat Codes and Hacks


For the Vector game, there are many websites on the Internet claiming to have cheats and hacks.  Most of the codes claim to provide a way to cheat the system in order to earn unlimited tokens and data chips. The tokens and the data chips are a huge advantage because you can unlock helpful resources in the game. By doing so, you supposedly gain a huge advantage in leveling up against other players who do not hack the system using Vector cheat codes.


Having these codes also ‘apparently’ allows people to be able to obtain some additional extra gems in the game, which is a valuable currency for any player. Gems can be used to help a player obtain more sophisticated parkour moves and techniques for their urban ninja.  These techniques will allow players to flow better throughout the game such as jumping over rooftops.


But the problem is, most of these Vector cheat codes don’t work. So we don’t know if any really does exist at all. What we do provide, though, are some tips on using the keyboard or mouse controls to help execute certain moves better.


Our Vector Cheats and Hacks


When players try to run through the corridors, it is normally very hard to get a satisfactory score. However, this so-called “hack” for the move allows the player to keep his feet very flat on the ground, producing a better jump. Look at the ground before you jump. Make sure the character is within a grid before he executes the jump. This would help you gauge if you’re about to trip or hit a wall.


If you find yourself always tripping over obstacles time and again, do the supposed move a split second earlier! There is more than one way over an obstacle. Figure out the best move to scale the barrier.


Make sure you get all the money on the way! They’re important and absolutely essential for unlocking new parkour tricks and moves.


When you notice that there’s a symbol hovering above showing a new move, you need to jump up when your feet are on the ground, and not when you’re jumping mid-air. The move is only executable when you’re not busy with other moves! So if you’re wondering why you can’t “get” the icon for the move, it’s most likely because you’re already halfway doing a jump or running. Also, timing is important. Do the jump after the icon and not before.


The more you progress in the game, the more you realize that speed matters. Some old moves that you always do? They might become obsolete later on in the game simply because they’re too slow. Switch up your moves to newer ones. Yup, you’ll probably need to get used to them, but hey, it’s worth it. New moves will also grant you more points.


We hope these Vector cheats and hacks help you in your breakaway escape plan in Vector! Keep running and stay independent – maybe try out Vector 2! Download Vector for PC and MAC free now!


Vector Cheats | Vector Hacks