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Vector Guide

Vector is a festival of masterful free-form running, where we are granted pulling off parkour stunts.

This free-running man depends on master timing to vault over or slide under hindrances, jump into the air. He is pursued by a seeker showing comparable athletic ability. Vector’s hero and his follower are delightfully vivified and exhibit reasonable beauty as they deftly vault over articles. The objective of the diversion is to explore each phase to a sheltered zone, before our nasty follower gets up to speed. Here are some tips from our Vector guide:

Vector Guide


  1. Hitting an activity key at the wrong time yields dangerously desperate results. Be careful when you choose to jump over obstacles.
  2. Tripping will cause a transient interruption in pace, allowing our seeker to get closer to us.
  3. Certain moves are better for certain obstacles. Don’t assume they’re all the same. Some will help you move faster, some will help give you lead time ahead of the pursuer.
  4. Play out each trap in the phase and additionally gather all the gliding extra blocks scattered over the level.
  5. The in-game store sells the power blaster, which briefly stops the seeker, giving us breathing room.
  6. Even with the weapon, it’s still all on us to move through the phase with master accuracy. The end goal is about seizing that three-star rating.
  7. One noteworthy slip up, and it has returned to the begin less one conceivably life-sparing thing.
  8. Practice is incredibly important. You might take various replays to find and ace the best course needed.

We hope this Vector guide helps you develop a better gaming experience! Have fun and tackle those obstacles!