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If you have not heard about Vector, it’s high time you do! Vector is a highly popular runner game because of its cool parkour moves and adrenaline pumping gameplay. We’ve got a truckload of Vector Knowledge Base stuff for you Vector fans! Find out more about Vector’s cheats and hacks here.

Cannot find what you want in the other sections like Reviews or Updates? Here in our Knowledge Base, we’ll have all your questions answered. How much do you know about Vector? What is Vector? What is Parkour? Forget about Vector Reddit, forums or wikis – your answers can all be found here!

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When is Vector 2 Coming Out?

When is Vector 2 coming out, you ask? Why, it’s out already! Check out our update about the game here. Wondering what the differences are for Vector 1 and 2?…

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Who Can Play Vector?

Who can play Vector? We believe anyone above 12 will be able to play this game. The storyline might be bewildering for the younger folks, but they will grasp the…

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What is Vector?

What is Vector? Nope, it’s not just a physics term or a photoshop illustrator term. It’s the game that requires you to jump and vault over obstacles, almost like a…

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Can I play Vector if I’m Bad at Parkour?

Good question. This would apply to just about everybody – the ones who are adept at parkour won’t be playing this game, either. Most of us who play this game…

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What are the Best Moves in Vector?

Have you been playing Vector and wondering what the best moves of this game are? If you have, then jump right into this post to find out what are the…

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What are the Real Life Parkour Skills in Vector?

Real life parkour skills in Vector? Are Vector’s parkour skills based on real life parkour skills? That’s what we all are thinking. These real life parkour skills in Vector are indeed…

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What is “Big Brother” in Vector?

The idea of “Big Brother” first derived from George Orwell’s novel 1984, which is a dystopian novel that has since taken the world by storm. Vector incorporates this by putting…

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What is the Vector Storyline?

If you’re wondering about the Vector storyline, then you’re in the right place. Vector is an endless runner game featuring a world controlled by a totalitarian government that seeks to…

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Pros and Cons of Vector

PROS AND CONS OF VECTOR PROS OF VECTOR Here are the pros and cons of Vector, though there are more pros than cons, obviously! We love the game. It is a Free…

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Vector and Vector 2 Gameplay

Vector and Vector 2 When it comes to comparing the difference between Vector and Vector 2, the answer is clear: The new version of the game has course-corrected many of…

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